Memorable Anime Scenes

It’s no secret that I’m an Anime fan, I’ve even dabbled in it for school credit at the graduate level.  I’ll post more about it as it often gets me thinking.  For today I just want to share a few of my favorite scenes that I’ve watched, I find them memorable.  This comprehensive, and I’ll drop some more another time. Also I’m not saying this is a “best of-all-time” deal, I haven’t watched enough to be able to make that call.   What are some of your favorties? Here are five to enjoy.  Although there may be slight spoilers here, I’m NOT including any endings.

5. From Samurai Champloo (Yoshitune Rap)

Whats going on: The three protagonists, two Samurais–the erratic Mugen and the calm Jin, plus the ‘blonde’-like girl Fuu, are on the trail of some character.  Theyr’e always on the trail in this series.  Anyway, here there’s some rumors of some person or monster that’s supposed to be at the top of the food chain.

Why it’s memorable: So Mugen is tries and fails, in trying to kick game at some ladies, and as they reject him, these random trio of travelers approach and they’re rapping about that rumored thing/person/monster.  Adding hilarity to this unlikely scene is how Mugen, Jin and Fuu all act in character during the rap. Mugen is like, “WTF?”, Fuu is all ditzy like, “huh, what’s going on?”, and then Jin is all legit analyzing it and taking it seriously. Hahaha.

4. From Baccano (Ladd Russo finds a living punching bag)

Whats going on: Ladd Russo is one of about FIFTEEN starring characters in this fabulously chaotic series Baccano.  It’s set in the 1930s in the prohibition era.  If you’ve seen any Guy Ritchie flick, especially ‘Snatch”, this is similar. It’s like five different subplots just intersecting each other, wonderful stuff–it has episodes called “Ladd Russo enjoys talking a lot and slaughtering a lot” or ” Ladd Russo is a villain that gets near orgasmic from killing random people that deserve to be killed.

Why it’s memorable: As the youtube clip says, it’s the most one-sided fight you’ll ever see.  His commentating of his beatdown as he goes to work is one for the ages, as he authoritatively rattles out actual names of boxers from the early 20th century. Dude’s a champ, and you gotta love that attention to detail.

3.  From Dragon Ball Z (Gohan goes Super Saiyajin 2)

Whats going on: This is OLDSCHOOL~! Everyone knows DBZ, its what people my age grew up on.  No storyline refresher needed here. For me it hasn’t aged well, I never watched GT nor do I think I will.  But still, for many that were teens in the late 90s, this was the getway into Japanese Anime.

Why it”s memorable: This is really about the nostalgia.

2. From Angel Beats (Iwasawa finds her calling)

Whats going on: So the setting of Angel Beats is a school in a place between life and death. Teens who haven’t come to terms with how they died are here. The theme of the series is about coming to term to life and accepting events and who you are.

Why memorable: So this one is different, it is not a fight scene but I still liked it. This scene was the first to show what happend when one comes to terms with life and stops fighting. The ending is very good too, but I don’t want to give away too much.  This scene is good enough. This solo song that she sings here came after a good rock performance from the school band that had rocked the place.  I like the  seamless way this series put different genres–comedy, drama, philosophy, etc into one package.  There’s other scenes in Angel Beats with other characters that also leave a mark, but I chose the one with least spoilers, and also the shortest one I could find.

1. From Gungrave (Elevator scene)

Whats going on:   Two best friends, Harry and Brandon, came up the ranks in mafia with dreams of power. Brandon is loyal to his childhood crush, the mafia boss and millennium organization.  Harry, whose idea it was to join the mafia, just wants to get to the top.  They’re both loyal, but loyal to who? This anime series is a great mobster/gangster flick.

What memorable: The use of silence and contrasting lighting to show the tension. The contrast in lighting one in the dark one in the light. To top it off is when Harry lets out a piercing yell, “Braaaannndooon”.  That yell was not one of greed, power, anger, vengeance, sadness, love, remorse, etc.  It was a shout that communicated all of those emotions. ‘ which contains the entire spectrum of human emotion from greed to jealousy to remorse. (The Gungrave scene below is only to 3:0o minute mark)