Technology Problems

Over on Men’s health, there’s a list of tech-stuff that they’d like solve din 2012.

Their list is:

15. Allow us to remove USB drives without “ejecting”.  14. Stop crashes. 13.  End Passwords 12. Reduce the size of electronic box entertainment machines  11. Ditch instructions  10. Fix self-checkout machines 9. Make cars anyone can drive. 8. Fix the gmail spam filter  7. Let us keep text messages “as new”.  6. Settle on one AC adapter plub  5. Make auto-flush toilets that are gentle and not creepy.  4. Make auto-correct current with the times 3. Stop our inboxes from filling up 2. Eliminate the “reply all” gaffe and 1. Text message filter.

I agree with some of the stuff, like passwords–you should be able to designate IPs or machines from which the site can remember you.  That might be a security problem for some though.   Some of them I disagree with, as for me technology is for making life more straightforward, but shouldn’t be for making you lazy or for making life boring–like here I strongly disagree with the cars.  Some of those gadgets and bells are nice, a car is a toy after all, so I don’t find fancy cars a problem in that regard.  Granny can always drive a Toyota Corolla or Honda Accord (BTW, is the Toyota Camry the most boring car around?).   The stuff like inboxes filling up is laziness, it just takes organization to organize your inbox, the problem is people have ADD and they multitask (multitasking is vastly overrated) and then they let the inbox get out of hand but that’s their fault.  With rules, filters and labeling this one is on the individual.  Some of it is organizational, like in the workplace people really should move towards instant messaging (IM) for a lot of routine correspondence.  Too many “ok thanks!”  or worse, body-less e-mails with the question in the subject line.

Audi A6 Interior -- It's ok if "granny" can't drive this.

There’s some tech stuff that I’d like to see.  I’d like to see the following:  Cellphone batteries on smartphones that last 2-3 days on one charge, traffic lights that read actual traffic (can this cause accidents?), HD media with menu options like a bluray player (basically no more need for DVD/Bluray players).  There’s more that I might update if I think of.

Most importantly, where are the flying cars!