End of 2010: Do you have dreams and goals? (part 2 of 3)

I  invite you to listen to this hauntingly blissful track.  It’s better with proper speakers or headphones, I typed this post listening to it on loop. I also feel it’s an appropriate mood for the content of this post 🙂

Ever have any dreams that capture your imagination always, that you have a burning desire for? They do not even have to make sense, but it can just be something that’s personal to you.  They don’t even have to be altruistic (though if one has many dreams, accomplishing them usually ends up involving other people and often can end up being altruistic by adding value). Just something waiting for you in the future that will make you happier.  This does not mean you are unsatisfied now.

See there’s living in the now, and I fully believe happiness is found in the present.  This idea that I will only be happy when something else happens is not good.  However, having goals and dreams does not go against this.  Dreams and goals keep you focused, and in fact they inject life and purpose in your every day activities—in the now.  You find that little actions you take frequently have an underlying charge of excitement (rather than a burden of duty, or boredom).   If one has dreams, goals, etc that make your life right NOW stressful, perhaps one should reevaluate the goal.  For example, if you’re a student and you find yourself often upset at how much work you have to do, or that you have to study late, etc, probably you should quit school (serious).  If you had a dream to be an astronomer, you’d relish the grind of those late night studying galaxies and stars.

Something else I’d like to plead to readers is to please never outgrow your dreams.   I often hear of people saying, “I’m too old to….” Or “I’m to busy too…..” please don’t do that yourself!   To do so is to make the Pymalgion Effect work against you.

Consider this a more practical or scientific explanation of how the "Law of Attraction" works.

Lastly, as this post is about dreams, I want to share some of mine.   How they’ll happen I have no idea, but the how always manifests itself.  Intent, vision and desire is the important part.  Here are some things that get me going:

I want to DJ a house party or a club. There’s something about being behind the turntable spinning House, Drum’n’Bass or Lounge music that I just want to do one day.  I don’t know when I buy a house one day perhaps I’ll have a huge house party and spin a House set.   This is a modest goal, I’m not saying I want to be Van Buuren or anything but I want to spin J  Funny thing is I’ve never even played with a DJ set or turntable and I know nothing about the equipment.

Related to the above, I also want to craft a soundtrack or a score to an anime, or a film. My brother and one of my best friends both work with graphics, perhaps they’ll let me put up a score for them one day.  Anyone watched Tron: Legacy or the Social Network? Killer soundtracks by Daft Punk and Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails respectively.

I want to visit the Northern lights in Norway. It can be done in Alaska too, but Norway is my preference—I hear one can do a snow safari while there, cruise the landscape on a snowmobile under the emerald sky!  Wow.

I want to drive through some winding hills in Europe such hills in Tuscany (Italy), Spain or the German heartland.

I want to watch a European football game, in a European stadium.  I support Liverpool FC, so Anfield in Liverpool, England is my top choice but I’ll settle for any place in Germany, England, Italy or Spain in a packed stadium.  I plan to get a taste of what that might be like by attending a Barcelona vs.  Manchester United exhibition match this summer in the Washington DC.

And that’s it.  Just a few random things that I really want to do.  Keep in mind, some stuff gets accomplished.  Some stuff gets added as one lives their life.  It’s an evolving list. What about you? What gets you going?

In the final post of the “New Years” posts, I’ll talk about New Years Resolutions.