L’Inverno (e buon Natale a tutti)

(For my post about Fall, you can click here)
I started drafting this on the eve of what is supposed to be the largest winter storm in December since 1982.  One of the unique things about Washington DC is the extreme range of weather we get.  Ok, so it does not get as sweltering as Texas, or as frigid as Chicago, but we still get the worst of both worlds with the summer humidty and sub-zero temperatures – often without the fluffy stuff.    I do like that we get the full cycles though.
Now technically, December 22 is the actual beginning of winter blah blah blah, but for me I just go by month. So to make things easier December is Winter.
So the bitter cold requires a change of wardrobe, and the coats and boots are dorned.   Ladies as always have more room to play with in this area, this season the high horse riding boots seem to be the fashion.   Actually for guys if we are adventerous enough, we can dress pretty outlandishly with the coats as well.  Joe Namath used to be pimp in that regard.  One thing about dressing in winter is that coats and boots are more expensive than summer clothing though you need less quantity I suppose.
What am I missing? Ah yes, fireplaces, warm blankets, egg nog, hot chocolate, – enjoyable past times that Old’ Man Winter brings with him.
The best thing about the winter for me is the snow of course.  That’s my inner Peter Pan speaking, but I am always overjoyed inside with the prospect of snow, it rolls back the years to the times of snowfights, and when as a high school student I’d stay up all night waiting for it to start snowing so schools could be cancelled!   I still feel like that even though I am currently not in school.
The ice can be spectacular as well, there was once an ice storm in the Washington DC area, which froze the whole landscape such that in the morning, shimmering like crystals.   Everything was coated in clear glassy ice.
Oh, then there is also Christmas , which comes early in the season which makes the rest of the winter a let down for a lot of people.  In fact there’s many broke people in January, December is known as an “expensive” month!   Christmas again is something which I view innocently.  I like the festive mood, strangers being polite and SMILING, the gift wrapping, the wonder that sparkles in the eyes of children.  Would be nice for it to be like that all year no?
Needless to say, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.   I trust you have been good this year and that Santa Claus will get you something nice under the tree 🙂

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